Writings: Low Places

I wrote this when I was at a very low point in my life. I’ve since risen to the occasion and stayed positive, but I believe that seeing another person’s weakness and pain can help us gain a new perspective. So here goes nothing: 


i’m at a point where words don’t help

sure, i know you mean them, but do you really care?

there is always that little bit of laughter that you get to enjoy, but i just have to endure

because i can’t enjoy it

not when i feel like this

i can pretend & people believe, but yet they don’t really see

see how i really am

see that even though i smile, my eyes are sad

people say eyes are the window to the soul but oh boy, i hope that’s not true

because if so, one glance into my eyes will show the world i’m drowning.

i’m drowning is sadness & loneliness & pain

sure, my life isn’t terrible, but i just can’t find that joy anymore

i want the joy that makes you numb. the joy that makes it so you can no longer feel the pain 


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