First Impressioms: Tarte Glow With The Faux Self-Tanner 

Being a huge fan of Tarte Cosmetics and a pretty pale skinned person, I was over the mood when i heard about Tarte’s new self-tanner. It’s advertised as a “foaming self-tanner”, and I love foaming beauty products. From soap to lotion, the foam just makes it so much more fun. So of course, I didn’t even blink an eye at the $39 price tag on this package when I walked into my local sephora. After watching so many videos and reviews about this mesmerizing self-tanner, I was extremely excited to get home and try it. The package comes with 5 Fl. OZ of the foaming product and a mitt. When i got home I immediately changed into some shorts and washed my legs. The package suggests shaving your legs & moisturizing before, but since I shaved my legs yesterday, I thought I would be okay. After putting some lotion on my legs and letting it absorb for about 15 minutes, I was ready to apply. I pumped 1-2 of the products on my mitt, as the directions said, and began to apply the product in long streaks. Now, I’ve always had very textured legs with lots of little scars from my years of speed skating and my habit of viciously scratching my ant bites, but I didn’t think it would effect the outcome very much. As expected, the self-tanner made my white scars looks even bigger and more apparent. I did start to notice that it was a very good tan color. After examining my legs closer though, I noticed some spots that I had missed and decided to go back and cover those spots. That was a mistake. Maybe it’s because I hadn’t just shaved or because I didn’t moisturize enough, but it started to streak. The places that had already dried would not blend right with new product. So from the front my leg looked great, but the back was a whole other story. Since I missed a few spots earlier and the product wasn’t blending together, it turned into what I could only describe as a hot mess. (These pictures are obviously at a weird angle but it was the best way to catch this part of my leg.) Overall, this product was not horrible. I did quickly run to the bathroom and rinse my leg before the product could absorb because I know I’ll be wearing shorts tomorrow. However, I have not given up on this product and will definitely be trying it again and making another review post! Hope this helped if anyone was looking to buy this product! 

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