The Beginning

Starting this blog feels like turning over a new leaf. I’m not sure why I’m doing it or where to begin, but I know that this feels right. What will I post? Now that’s a loaded question. Maybe I’ll share some of my poems, or possibly stories. Maybe sometime I’ll share some of my paintings. What I know for sure is, this is going to get personal. Maybe I’ll tell my friends, or maybe I’ll just wait awhile. Maybe some of them will read this, and maybe some of them won’t. Either way, this has now become my place. My place to write and rant. My place to speak out and have a voice, even if it is a blog that nobody reads. But for now, I’ll leave you with this entry from my journal:

A teacher once told me that to write you have to be trained. He told me that writing was an art that needed to be perfected. But boy, was he wrong. Writing is art, and art is not perfect. He told me that you couldn’t just decide to write and then do it, but that’s exactly what you do. You take everything you’re feeling at the moment and put it into words, put it into a phrase that will effect the masses and change their perspective, turn it into something they will remember, So that’s what writing is: It is full of creativity and raw emotion. Writing is art and it is perfectly, imperfectly. 

I want to get to know you, so leave a comment below. Buona Notte.

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